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MPD Components, Inc.'s Products

MPD Components, Inc. is a diverse manufacturer capable of providing total solutions from ceramic insulators to complete RF assemblies. Our background and expertise is in applied electronics, microwave RF, Vacuum Electron Devices (VED's) and ceramic-to-metal sealing.

MPD will custom engineer your ceramic insulator parts! You benefit from MPD's more than 50 years experience in working with alumina, forsterite, and other electronic-grade ceramic materials.

Ceramic-To-Metal Seal Assemblies
MPD will engineer and produce your seal assembly. We can provide complete solutions from vacuum- and gas-filled devices (electron devices such as x-ray tubes) to hermetically-sealed electronic components (capacitors, battery covers, relays) to vacuum equipment and severe environments (jet engine thermocouple feed-throughs, high-voltage bushings) and more!

Magnetrons (VED's)
MPD offers positive and negative pulse magnetrons. Our magnetrons are for pulse applications with the majority being used for airborne weather radar and beacon magnetrons. Typical peak powers run from a minimum of 1.3 kW to 10 kW for Honeywell, Sperry, RCA, Bendix, King, AlliedSignal and Narco radars. Several magnetrons have FAA-PMA applications.

Metallized Ceramics
MPD offers alumina ceramics that are metallized and plated to your specifications. This can be a very important factor in applications demanding high purity aluminas.

Microwave Circuit Modules (MCM's)
MPD offers a variety of VED and Solid State-Driven Microwave Circuit Modules (MCM's) that operate from 600 MHz to 40 GHz and with peak RF output powers from 5 mW to 1500 W. FAA-PMA applications are available for selected parts.

Planar Triodes (VED's)
MPD offers a wide variety of small, lightweight, high mu planar triodes. Many are EIA registered types and have RF applications in the S to X bands. Some have FAA-PMA applications.

Precision Metal Components (PMC)
Our specialty in Precision Metal is multi-step processing. With our level of vertical integration, we can form parts and build a complex metal component, complete with surface finishing, to meet your specifications.

Precision Coil Forms
MPD offers Precision Coil Forms for precision analog instrument movements made from copper, brass and aluminum. We can also anodize your coil forms to meet your specifications.

Spark Gaps (VED's)
We offer three different spark gaps in various configurations from a small gas gap that operates around 4,000 volts to a large vacuum gap that operates at 50,000 volts and 50,000 Amps.